Can’t see visitors in emergency list in VisitLog Mobile App

If there are visitors checked in and the emergency list on your phone still appears empty, follow the steps down below in VisitLog Manager.

Add user to User Group

In VisitLog Manager, navigate to Administration > Users and Roles.

Make sure that the concerned user belongs to a User Group. If not, double click on this user to edit user credentials

Navigate to the folder Member of groups and select any of the available groups to resolve this issue.

If issue is still not resolved, this means that the selected Group does not have authorized access to the Emergency List. This is easily changed by doing the following.

Edit user group

Navigate to User Functions and select the tab Groups. Double click on the group that you used in the previous step to open Edit user group.

In Edit user group, go to Mobile Commands and check the option for Emergency List.

All done!

Updated on July 14, 2023

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