Visitor screen – Overview

This article will go through how to customize your visitor screen and show some examples designs for inspiration.

  1. To change the design you’ll need to open VisitLog Manager and go to Administration.
  1. Now head to Visitor-screen (Kiosk) where most design settings will be made.

1. Selecting a background

Let’s first take a look at how you set a background.

  1. By default VisitLog is set to display a color background.
  2. To change the colors simply click on the color you want to change. To remove the gradient effect simply set both background colors to the same shade.
  1. Alternativly you could use a picture.
  2. Click on browse and select the images you want to display. There is also an option to display a company logo. This is mostly used along with color background. Since the company logo has a set position in the upper left corner and can’t be moved, we recommend putting your company logo in the background image.

2. Designing the fields and buttons.

Here you’ll find text and color settings for fields and buttons

  1. Text color: Changes the color of the field text.
  2. X color: Changes the color of the X used for exiting the visitor screen.
  3. Font: Changes the font and font size used for the field text. VisitLog uses fonts installed on the computer. To add a new font simply install it in Windows and VisitLog will recognize it.
  4. Pixels apart: Changes the spacing between fields.
  5. Butten border color & Button color: Changes the color of the Log in button.
  6. Button Size: Changes the size of the Log in button.

3. Moving fields and flags

Here you’re able to align the fields and flags. Read more on how to add new fields HERE.

  1. Fields are center by default but you can move them manually if they interfere with your selected background.
  2. Flags can be positioned in any of the four corners of the screen.

4. Default Language and login messages

  1. Select a default language in the drop-down menu, this will be the standard language used for the Log in screen
  2. Show message at kiosk: This will activate a messages box that is show after a visitor logs in. Click on the three dots to customize this message. Make sure to localize the message to each language.

5. Editing languages and text

  1. To access and edit languages go to Visitor login screen languages (Kiosk) at the administrations page.
  1. To remove a language flag from the visitor screen simply uncheck the box Visible at kiosk. Arrange languages using the Move up and Move down buttons, this will be the order that the flags are display at the Visitor Screen.
  2. You are also able to change the text displayed. For example you can change the text “Your name” to “Your first name and surname”. It’s recommended to change the text for all languages that you currently use.

6. Examples

Here are some examples of Visitor Screens designs:

Updated on August 16, 2023

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