Emarketeer App

1. Download Emarketeer from link above and Run emarketeerSetup exe.

2. After installation go to the installed folder

3. Open config file from the folder and change connection string in config. (As below).Replace (SERVERNAME,DATABASENAME,USERNAME,PASSWORD) with your data.

4. Set Id value = “ ”not null able.

5. Set ImportFromdate” value=”YYYY-MM-DD” as per requirement. (As below). When Import format date is blank, it will bring all data.

6. Set “urlValue” value as per requirement.

7. Set “mValue” value as per requirement.

8. Set “SorceIdForOnlineVisitor” value as per requirement.

9.Set” SourceIdForPhysicalVisitors” value as per requirement.

10. Run exe As administrator. (You can run from desktop where shortcut gets created while installation).

Updated on March 16, 2023

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