How to connect to SQL Database (without credentials)

This article will go through how to connect to your SQL Database without server credentials. This requires at least one client that has VisitLog connected to the SQL Database already.

To begin with, go to a client which has VisitLog installed that is connected to the SQL Database.

  1. Open File Explorer on this client and paste the path: C:\ProgramData\VisitLog.
  2. Copy the file providersettings_visitlog.dat and put this on a USB-stick.
  1. Open File Explorer on the client you wish to connect to the SQL and paste the path: C:\ProgramData
  2. Create a new folder (Ctrl+Shift+N) and rename it to “VisitLog”.
  1. Open the VisitLog folder. Insert the USB and copy the providersettings_visitlog.dat and put it inside the folder.
  1. Launch VisitLog, done.
Updated on August 18, 2023

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