Install VisitLog

This article will go through how to install VisitLog for the first time on a new client.

1. Pick the right version of VisitLog (IMPORTANT)

It is important that all clients have the same version installed. Finding out which version you should install is not harder than opening VisitLog Manager, the version and build number is displayed in the bottom right corner.

If there are not other clients with VisitLog you should download the latest version.

2. Download VisitLog

Here you can find the latest and some older versions of VisitLog: Downloads.

3. Install VisitLog

  1. After downloading, click on open file.
  1. Click on Extract all
  2. And then Extract again.
  1. Double-click on VisitLog_Build_xxxxxx.exe to start the setup.
    • Allow the program to make changes to your computer.
    • If you are prompted to download .NET 3.5 do so and continue.
  1. Go through the setup-guide showed below.
    • a) Next.
    • b) Next.
    • c) If you already have VisitLog installed you’ll have to click yes here.
    • b) Next.
    • e) Install.
    • f) Wait for installation to complete.
  1. Finally hit Finish, done!

4. Connect VisitLog to database

Next and last step is to connect to a database. Below are two different methods of connecting your SQL Database to VisitLog

Method 1: How to connect VisitLog to database (with credentials)

Method 2: How to connect to SQL (without credentials)

Updated on August 23, 2023

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