How to install VisitLog

Pick the right version of visitlog

If there already is an instance of visitlog running on another computer or kiosk, then it is important that you install the same version on your device. To find what version you are currently using, open VisitLog Manager and find the version in the bottom right corner. Example: VisitLog 5.5 (22340)
If there are no other visitlog instances running we recommend the latest version

Here you can find all versions of visitlog: Downloads

If you instead want to use the latest version of visitlog but running an older version across your other devices, see the following article How to upgrade to latest version and then come back to this article.

Run the program

Next step is to execute the file. Double-click on the downloaded file and hit install. When the installation has finished open VisitLog Manager. If you are prompted to download .NET 3.5 do so and continue.

Connect to database

Next and last step is to connect to a database. Open Visitlog Manager. You should be prompted with this window:

Hit next and then choose the second option. Hit next again and enter your database server and login credentials. If you don’t know the server or have the correct login information go to a computer or kiosk that has visitlog connected to a database. Open up File Explorer and got to following path:


Here you should find the file “providersettings_visitlog.dat”. Copy it and transfer it to the same location on the device which you have trouble connecting to the database. You may have to create the folder VisitLog inside ProgramData. Notice that ProgramData is a hidden folder, you can view it by clicking the “View” tab and the checking the box “Hidden items”

Ready! Open VisitLog Manager and you should be connected to the database.

Updated on January 9, 2023

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