Upgrade VisitLog

This article will go through how to upgrade VisitLog. The program does not update itself, this needs to be done manually by installing a later version

1. Pick the right version of VisitLog

When updating VisitLog it is important that all clients are upgraded to the same versions since older version are not compatible with new versions. If you want to deploy VisitLog to multiple computers at once with an MSI package, contact us

2. Download VisitLog.

We always recommend the latest version since it has the best recourse and features. Here you can find the latest version as well as some older versions: Latest Version.

3. Upgrade VisitLog

Always begin by upgrading VisitLog on the client used for check in since this will disrupt the downtime of VisitLog the least.

  1. After downloading, click on open file.
  1. Click on Extract all
  2. And then Extract again.
  1. Double-click on VisitLog_Build_xxxxxx.exe to start the setup.
    • Allow the program to make changes to your computer.
    • If you are prompted to download .NET 3.5 do so and continue.
  1. Go through the setup-guide showed below.
    • a) Next.
    • b) Next.
    • c) Yes.
    • b) Next.
    • e) Install.
    • f) Wait for installation to complete.
  1. Finally hit Finish. Repeat this process across all clients with VisitLog and you’re good to go!

Updated on August 23, 2023

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