Outlook plug-in – Overview

This article will go through how to use our outlook plugin. It is designed to be your ultimate companion for managing visitors right from your email interface. This plugin enables you to prebook visitors to VisitLog without leaving the familiar Outlook environment.

1. Prebook visitor and invite external visitor

  1. To make a prebooking the following information is required:
    • Meeting participants
    • Date and time
  2. There after click on update to transfer all participants from the calendar. You are able to add extra visitors with the external button.
  1. Finalize the prebooking by clicking Prebook in VisitLog.

2. Add visitor information

  1. After transferring you can add aditional information about the visitor by clicking the edit button in the top-right corner.
  1. Name and email are already gathered by the plugin but it’s also recommended to add:
    • Company
    • Mobile (especially important if they are to receive a QR for check-in by SMS)

3. Edit and remove a prebooking

Maybe you made a typo or someone is not going to attend the meting anymore. Then you can edit or remove that prebooking all within outlook.

  1. Go to the calendar booking that you want to edit or remove participents through and click on Retrive my prebookings.
  1. Prebookings will be displayed here from where you can edit or remove participants.
  2. Finalize the change by clicking on Update prebooked visitors.
Updated on August 23, 2023

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