Getting started with VisitLog – Overview

This article will go through the steps to get started with VisitLog in your organization.

About VisitLog

With VisitLog, you get full control over your company’s visits. You can quickly and easily manage incoming visits, book meetings and send automatic reminders to visitors and hosts. This will ensure a smooth and efficient visitor experience for both visitors and employees.

1. Setup hardware

VisitLog comes with multiple hardware options most popular being floor standing kiosks. These are preinstalled with the latest version of VisitLog and all necessary drivers. Position the kiosk in a suitable spot, easily seen by arriving visitors. Connect the kiosk to a power outlet and to your desired network. You can read more about the system requirements for VisitLog HERE.

2. Connect to a SQL

After setting up the hardware, VisitLog has to be connected to a SQL Server. The SQL can be located at one of the following options:

2.1 Install VisitLog on multiple clients

VisitLog can be installed on multiple clients and then be connected to the same SQL Database. Be sure to download the same build version of VisitLog on all clients.

If you need MSI files and further instructions on how to deploy the software to multiple users, please contact our support.

3. Configure VisitLog

Before launching the Visitor application you should take the time to configure VisitLog to your company’s needs and desires. Here is a checklist of the most important setups:

3.1 Importing hosts

Visitors will have to enter their name in VisitLog as well as their hosts name. Therefor it’s important to add hosts (your employees) to VisitLog. Here are a different options regarding importing hosts:

3.2 Messages when sign in/out visitors

When a visitor logs in through VisitLog a message can be sent to the host informing them of their arrival. The messages can be sent with sms or with email through a SMTP. Below are some common options.

3.3 VisitLog App

With the VisitLog App you are able to access an emergency list with your visitors, prebook visitors and log in visitors all through your phone. Read more on how to set up and use the app below.

3.4 Outlook Plug-in

The VisitLog Outlook plug-in creates a menu option in Outlook that allows users to create a prebooking of selected meeting participants. Here is how to deploy the plug-in and how to use it:

3.5 GDPR

Every organizations has to account for GDPR and VisitLog can easily be adjusted to fit your demands. You can set how long visitor data is saved and what should be done with said data after a visitor logs out of VisitLog. Read more about GDPR-settings bellow.

3.6 Design

Both the visitor login screen and visitor-badges are customizable to fit your company. You can change the colors, fonts, add backgrounds and logos to our visitor login screen. The badges can also me customized to display the information you desire. Below are some examples of how the visitor screen can be design as well as a guide to designing visitor badges.

3.7 Other common configurations

Read more about other common settings and useful functions here:

4. Education

Once you have configured VisitLog, it’s time to launch the service. VisitLog offers training for both Administrators and users (contact us for more info) but you as an administrator have of course the possibility to train your users yourself based on the knowledge you have gathered.

Please search our support forum for more information.

5. Common ways for users to work with VisitLog

Read more about how you and your users can use VisitLog here:

Do you have any questions about getting started with VisitLog? Feel free to contact us by creating a ticket HERE.


Updated on August 23, 2023

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