User and rolls – Overview

This guide will go through how to setup your first user in VisitLog. Users and roles are used to limit authorization in Visitlog and set up users for the VisitLog App. Users can be limited in two different ways:

  • What the user can do: Which functions/commands should be accessible, if the user will have access to the administration page etc.
  • What the user can see: Which departments/places/locations the user should be able to see work with.
  1. Let’s go through how to add your first user. Open VisitLog Manager and go to Administration.
  1. Then head to User and roles.

1. User tab

  1. Here you can switch between User, Location and Group tab.
  1. To add users simply click on Add. Clicking on Add many will allow you to import users from the host list or excel. Here you’ll also be able to remove and reset passwords for users
  1. Enter the name of the user (login name) if username is set to the same name as windows login username you can enable auto login.
  2. If there are several places/locations, you can specify which location is the user’s default location. Then this is always displayed first when you log on.
  3. More information about the user if you want to add this. Note that email is required for VisitLog App since this will be your username when logging in.
  4. If you check this option, the user is a Superuser, which means that you have full access and able to see everything in the system. You cannot uncheck any commands when this is ticked off.
  5. The default password when a new users are created is: Abcd123. The user is prompted to change password at first login.
  6. The Member of groups tab gives access to all groups added in VisitLog. There are three default groups with different levels of access.
    • Administrator: Has access to all commands.
    • Mobile user (only): Only has access to mobile commands.
    • Reception: Has no access to administration or mobile commands
  1. Commands tab: limit user access to functions at VisitLog Manager start-page
  2. Mobile commands tab: limit user access to functions regarding VisitLog App
  3. Adminstration console tab: limit user access in the administration console
  4. Scope tab: Locations that user is allowed to see and manage.

2. Location tab

VisitLog can manage multiple locations simultaneously. To add a new location follow the instructions bellow.

  1. Navigate to the Locations tab.
  2. Click on add
  3. Enter your new location name
  4. Click on OK to save the new location

3. Group tab

If the default groups don’t satisfy and you want to create your own groups you can do so at the Group tab.

  1. Navigate to the Groups tab.
  2. Click on add
  3. Enter you new group name.
  4. Select the commands that this group should have just as when setting up a User. Add a location(s) where this group will be made visible. Lastly add members to this group.
  5. Click OK to save.
Updated on August 16, 2023

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